All KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane DVD Slideshows are completely customized to provide you with the most beautiful and incredible personal slideshow DVD or amazing gift. The only difference in the Packages is the number of Photos and Songs. Each Package includes the following:

  • Professional scanning of photos and paper media
  • Basic photo restoration & enhancement (color & contract correction, color enhancement of faded pictures, red-eye correction, image sharpening, dust removal, and cropping)
  • Customized photo motions including panning, zooming, and rotation
  • Customized transitions between images
  • Custom text and title slides and scrolling credits
  • Text extras such as photo captions, poetry, quotes, versus, special dates
  • Multiple photo layering
  • Your choice of music to accompany your DVD photos
  • Standard DVD Jewel Case with clear front and personalized labeling insert
  • Personalized Labeled DVD
  • High Quality DVD +R media (or DVD-R, upon request)

In addition, while many companies charge you to preview your movie, KeepSake Photo DVD’s wants you to preview your completed movie before the show is processed onto a DVD. This allows us to work with you to make sure that your show is perfect before it is burned to a DVD. It also gives you complete control of the way your show looks and provides you with the opportunity to make any changes prior to the completion of your show. As such, we include this preview service with every show we make at no cost to you! As a matter of fact, we do not complete the production of your show until you have reviewed and given your approval of your KeepSake Photo DVD Slideshow!

Package Options

Package # Number of Photos Number of Songs Approximate Time Number of DVDs per Package
#1 Up to 40 1 Up to 5 minutes 1
#2 41-75 1-3 5-8 minutes 1
#3 76-100 3-4 8-10 minutes 1
#4 101-150 3-5 10-15 minutes 2
#5 151-200 4-7 15-20 minutes 2
#6 201-249 5-8 18-22 minutes 3
#7 250-300 6-9 22-25 minutes 3