A KeepSake Photo DVD by Chamane

Looking for a perfect way to experience your most cherished memories all over again or to give a meaningful and unique gift that is sure to bring joy to your loved ones for years to come? A KeepSake Photo DVD by Chamane is your solution!


A Little About Us:

KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane was created out of a passion for creating beautiful and unique photo DVD’s of life’s most precious and memorable moments. Owner Chamane Barrow has been creating Photo DVD gifts for family and friends for 15 years and began KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane to share the joy of bringing memories to life and giving gifts that are deeply meaningful and personal with others who wish to do the same.

What We Can Do for You:

You will experience customer service that is both professional and personal during the creation of your KeepSake Photo DVD. Chamane will work with you hand in hand to ensure that your DVD is everything that you hope for. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with a high quality and professionally made DVD movie that is a uniquely moving, and personalized movie experience that will provide you and your loved ones with joy for years to come.