Ordering from KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane

Order Form Download

Click on PDF above to Print out Order Form and Client Agreement. Then use the following steps to complete the process of ordering your KeepSake Photo DVD.

1. Review our Packages/Prices page and determine which package number you want. (Note-ALL of our packages includes the same quality features. The only difference is the number of photos in each). So to determine which package you want, you need only decide what the total amount of pictures you wish to include and pick the package which corresponds with your number.

2. Gather Photos and other material (such as invitations, newspaper articles etc.), that you want in your slideshow. The best photos to use are ones that are in focus and of good quality-not blurry, not damaged or torn in any way, not smudged with fingerprints, etc. KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane can only provide minor photo enhancements. Please keep this in mind when selecting your pictures. Photos that are not of good quality (as described above) will diminish the quality of your show.

3. Count: Once you have decided upon and gathered all of your materials that you will use in your show, please do a complete count of all of your materials and write this number on your order form. You will also need to include a count of any video clips you will be using as well as the total time of the clips.

4. Theme: Determine the theme for your show. Is your show a wedding show, a holiday show, a surprise for Mother’s Day, or a special birthday or other occasion?

5. Choose Music: The next step in ordering your show is choosing your music. What type of mood do you want for your show? Happy, Emotional, Somber-whatever the mood, your music selection can really help enhance the mood. Is your DVD slideshow a gift for someone special? If so, you might consider using music or songs that hold special meaning for them.

When selecting music, you may use your own CD’s or you may choose to have us download the music for you. Either is perfectly fine to do. Please keep in mind that if you do use your own CD’s, we can only accept legally purchased CDs. You must absolutely own the original music selection and provide us with this original copy of your music. Any music you provide will be returned to you with your completed order. KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane follows all copyright laws regarding music and as such, we cannot accept any music that is a home-burned CD or file. If you do not own the original music CD, Keep Sake Photo DVD’s by Chamane will purchase it for you from a legal on-line site such as iTunes. If you would like us to order the music on line, please list the name of the songs and artist that you would like added to your DVD movie.

6. Complete the Order Form: Please complete the order with the Customer Agreement found on this page. This Order Form and Customer Agreement must be signed and returned to us prior to work beginning on your KeepSake Photo DVD. You can either mail or email the forms back to us. Please note that if you submit the order form to us via email, you must type your name in the signature field of the Customer Agreement form. The form should also be dated. This will establish an electronic agreement between you and KeepSake Photo DVD’s by Chamane.

7. Final Quote: Please contact us when you get ready to place your order and we will send you a final price quote via email.

8. Ship Materials: Send us your photos and other material with your Order form, Client Agreement form (if you did not email them to us) and your payment in full if you are paying with a personal or business check or a money order). We also will accept your credit card or debit card for payment through PayPal. Let us know if you chose to use this method.

When you get ready to send us your order, please contact us for our office mailing address. We also suggest using a service of shipping that provides you with a tracking number.

9. Confirmation of Order: As soon as we receive your order and materials we will send you a confirmation by either email or by telephone.

10. Production Time: It typically takes approximately 15d ays for us to complete the production of your order from the date that we receive your materials. (This does not apply if you have placed a Rush Order).

Please note that orders that are extra-large and or complex might require additional time. In addition, our turnaround time can increase due to the holiday season and during the late spring and early summer season when it is typical for us to have an increase in orders due to weddings and graduation. Please contact us before placing an order if you need your order RUSHED (in less than 15 days). An additional charge will apply for all Rush Orders (except Memorials/Funerals).

11. Review DVD: When we have completed your show, we will upload it and will provide you with a link and password to privately review your show before the final DVD is completed. This allows you to work hand in hand with us and let us know if any changes need to be made before your show is completed. Once you have reviewed and approved the show, we will complete the production of your KeepSake Photo DVD and get it ready to ship back to you along with any materials you have sent to us for the production of your show.

12. Order Completion and Shipping: Once your order is complete, you will receive an email or phone call letting you know that it is on its way. We will ship your completed order and all materials you submitted to us insured and certified through the U. S. Postal service that you chose when ordering. A signature will be required upon the delivery of your package.